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In comparison with RT-PCR confirmed specimen

Sensitivity Specificity
Evaluation in USA 96.3% 100 %
Evaluation in India
(RT-PCR positive specimens with Ct<30)
95.4% 96.36%



Rapid Test for Detection of SARS-CoV-2 Antigen in Human
Nasopharyngeal Swab Specimens

CoviRAT is an in­vitro, rapid, qualitative immunoassay for the detection of nucleocapsid protein antigens expressed by the SARS­CoV­2 virus present in human nasopharyngeal swab specimen. It is to be used for screening or to aid in the diagnosis of COVID­19 and takes 15­30 minutes for producing test result. Rapid antigen tests are known to be sensitive enough to detect clinical cases, i.e. presymptomatic and early symptomatic cases (up to five days from symptom onset; or low RT­PCR cycle threshold (Ct) value <30), which likely account for a significant proportion
of transmissions. The use of sensitive and specific rapid antigen test is appropriate in high prevalence areas as well as in low prevalence areas to identify the infectious positive cases. Rapid antigen tests can help reduce further transmission through early identification of positive cases, enabling a faster contact tracing

Double Antibody Sandwich Assay. Detects nucleocapsid protein antigens
expressed by SARS­CoV­2 virus.
Monoclonal antibodies used in
both capture and tracer part.
Detects nucleocapsid protein antigens
expressed by SARS­CoV­2 virus.
Nasopharyngeal specimen can be
Facilitates higher volume testing at the
patient site and in laboratory setup.
Rapid Antigen Detection Test. Results in 15­30 minutes.
Sterile Breakable nasopharyngeal
Minimizes exposure.
Ease of use.
Sensitivity 96.3%*
Specificity 100%
Highly Sensitive and Accurate test
result ; compared to RT­PCR !


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